Primetime Security Consultants, LLC.


About Us

Primetime Security Consultants, LLC has over 35 years of experience, expertise and knowledge.  Our members are from all law enforcement agencies including Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and NYPD Detectives.  Primetime’s founder, Basilio “Woody” Simons, has amassed expertise in terrorism, narcotics and SVU, Domestic, and Robbery units.  Mr. Simons was an original member of the Brooklyn Child Abuse Squad.  Our professionally diverse team has demonstrated success in every endeavor they have encountered.

As consultants we are coupled with the best young minds in the Security Industry. We utilize the most advanced technology currently available. They are the most innovative in their respective fields as well as in the Security Industry. These burgeoning computer specialists are unique, savvy and prolific in their thinking and add intelligence to our already knowledgeable staff.

Primetime has a high profile client list; all of these cases are handled with the utmost restraint and confidentiality.  At Primetime, it is our belief that all our clients should be handled with decorum, discretion and professionalism.

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